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I appreciate the customer service

We have found their prices to be better than the competition 

I can always rely on Easy Way! They get me my answers, solve my problems and keep me up to date on new products.

We enjoy working with Easyway ...

 I certainly appreciate that they are only a phone call away whenever I need them.

Easy Way provides us with exceptional service...

I like dealing with Easy Way

Their customer service is excellent ...

Easyways customer service skills and abilities are unmatched in the industry

The team at Easy Way goes above and beyond to provide me with prompt and courteous service

...the entire Easy Way team makes my life easier when it comes to ordering and dealing with cleaning supplies.

Easyway listen to our problems

Easyway is just that ΓΆ€“ the Easyway to go!

We also like the quality of the products and the value we get

As far as I am concerned your window cleaner works better then Windex.

Wow!! Clean Step really made my tile shine. I didn't think it would ever be so clean! 

Easy Way have knowledgable staff that go that extra mile

 Consistency is their greatest advantage

It's like nothing I have used before!

The staff at Easyway have always been friendly and attentive.

Easy Way Solutions provides a good product with excellent customer service.
Extremely Happy with the quality of products and services provided
I could see it working as it started foaming ...
They making cleaning greasy area and heavily soiled area a breeze to clean up.

Easyway's  extensive product line is second to none and always innovative

Dealing with Easyway is a pleasure

...look no further than Easy Way. have provided us with great service

They are competitive, responsive, excellent support ...

EasyWay one of our top suppliers

Renee and the team at Easy Way are reliable and respond quickly to any questions or concerns ...

Easyway is always introducing new innovative green solutions

The high quality products they carry is one of the reasons we stay with them ...

Excellent service! Great prices!.

Customer feedback has been very positive and gratifying.
Easy Way has made my job nothing but Easy.

...Easy Way provides value added training, cost saving ideas to improve productivity and on site repairs to all equipment.

You have a great team!
Thanks for all you do.
...taking care of your customers is certainly up front ...

Easy Way provides us with exceptional service

The Employees at Easy Way have always been, and continue to be very helpful.
You guys never forget me!

They always get back to me right away

Easyway is the most valuable resource we have in the cleaning business

The high quality products they carry is one of the reasons we stay with them

I would have to say it is your customer service and quick replies.

Easyway is a great company and I recommend them to everyone I meet

Easyway staff are friendly...

It is nice to be able to deal with a company who puts the customer first. is nice to know you have somewhere and someone you can rely on

 I just wanted to pass this along so you are aware of how much we appreciate your help!

...have always found them to be friendly, professional and willing to go the extra mile

They are reliable, understanding and always one step ahead. Easyway has been a lifesaver

I look forward to long term dealings with Easy way.

I have always found their sales representatives very resourceful and never pushy.

I would recommend any company, large or small to use Easyway!

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Posted by on July 19, 2010, 12:00 am

My head spins these days as change is happening very quickly in all aspects of our lives; for me the challenge is to see the opportunities whether it be for new products, new customers, better customer service, improved processes, using social media....the list seems endless.
The thread that runs through everything is to not forget the basics and a recent TEC speaker had us all squirming in our seats as Scott Hunter discussed UNSHACKLED LEADERSHIP and the culture that we create or allow to exist in our organizations.
One of Scott's theories is that listening consists of two components:
1) Who do you have your attention on?
2) What is your internal conversation?
And Scott asked us how to identify how we listen from these examples of what many of us think about as we listen:
1) Get to the point
2) Do I agree or disagree with you?
3) What am I going to say next?
4) Let me tell you what you are about to say
5) I'm always right
6) I need to win
7) Attack
8) Find the flaw
9) I know
10) Either/or
11) Are you approving of me?
It really opened up lots of opportunities for me for conscious listening that shows the respect that I feel for the person(s) that I am listening to.
Scott suggests some empowering listening filters which I am trying to utilize in place of my normal "Find the Flaw" or "What am I going to say next?"
1) Listen for the possibility
2) Listen for people's commitment
3) Listen for the gold , listening for the goodness in people
4) Listen with compassion
5) Look for win/win
6) Use and/both so look for ways that you don't have to choose, where nobody has to compromise, and where you can both/all have it your way.
If you find Scott's ideas of interest, he has a free monthly electronic newsletter "The Coach's Corner" and his website is or
And if you feel like sharing these or other ideas, please contact me at Your comments are also appreciated.
Our best wishes for a safe and fun summer....enjoy your vacation!

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